Managing Microsoft Teams: MS-700 Exam Guide

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Managing Microsoft Teams: MS-700 Exam Guide

Managing Microsoft Teams: MS-700 Exam Guide

Discover how to plan a Microsoft Teams deployment within a business environment and manage Teams administrative functions on a day-to-day basis

Key Features

  • Plan and design your Microsoft Teams deployment
  • Prepare, deploy, and manage policies for Microsoft Teams and for apps within Teams
  • Pass the MS-700 exam and achieve certification with the help of self-assessment questions and a mock exam

Book Description

Do you want to build and test your proficiency in the deployment, management, and monitoring of Microsoft Teams features within the Microsoft 365 platform? Managing Microsoft Teams: MS-700 Exam Guide will help you to effectively plan and implement Microsoft Teams using the Microsoft 365 Teams admin center and Windows PowerShell. You’ll also discover best practices for rolling out and managing MS services for Teams users within your Microsoft 365 tenant. The chapters are divided into three easy-to-follow parts: planning and design, feature policies and administration, and team management, while aligning with the official MS-700 exam objectives to help you prepare effectively for the exam.

The book starts by taking you through planning and design, where you’ll learn how to plan migrations, make assessments for network readiness, and plan and implement governance tasks such as configuring guest access and monitoring usage. Later, you’ll understand feature administration, focusing on collaboration, meetings, live events, phone numbers, and the phone system, along with applicable policy configurations. Finally, the book shows you how to manage Teams and membership settings and create app policies.

By the end of this book, you’ll have learned everything you need to pass the MS-700 certification exam and have a handy reference guide for MS Teams.

What you will learn

  • Explore Security & Compliance configuration options for Teams features
  • Manage meetings, calls, and chat features within Microsoft Teams
  • Find out how to manage phone numbers, systems, and settings in Teams
  • Manage individual team settings, membership, and guest access
  • Create policies for Microsoft Teams apps and features
  • Deploy access reviews and dynamic team membership

Who this book is for

This Microsoft Teams book is for IT professionals who want to achieve Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate certification. Familiarity with the principles of establishing and administering the core features and services within a Microsoft 365 tenant and a basic understanding of Microsoft Teams features are required before getting started with the book. Prior knowledge of other Microsoft 365 workloads such as Security & Compliance will also be beneficial.

Table of Contents

  1. Planning Your Migration to Microsoft Teams
  2. Assessing Your Network Readiness for a Microsoft Teams Deployment
  3. Planning and Implementing Governance and Life Cycle Settings in Microsoft Teams
  4. Configuring Guest Access in Microsoft Teams
  5. Managing the Security and Compliance Settings in Microsoft Teams
  6. Managing Endpoint Devices in Microsoft Teams
  7. Monitoring Usage within Microsoft Teams
  8. Managing Collaboration and Chat within Microsoft Teams
  9. Managing Meetings and Live Events in Microsoft Teams
  10. Managing Phone Numbers in Microsoft Teams
  11. Managing Phone System in Microsoft Teams
  12. Creating and Managing Teams
  13. Managing Team Membership Settings
  14. Creating App Policies within Microsoft Teams
  15. Mock Exam
  16. Mock Exam Answers
  17. Assessments

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