Monthly: 6月 2021

Kafka Streams in Action

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Kafka Streams in Action: Real-time apps and microservices with the Kafka Streaming API by Bill Bejeck Length: 280 pages Edition: 1 Language: English Publisher: Manning Publications Publicatio...

Learning Splunk Web Framework

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Learning Splunk Web Framework by Vincent Sesto Length: 262 pages Edition: 1 Language: English Publisher: Packt Publishing Publication Date: 2016-08-31 ISBN-10: B01IF7NLE6 Sales Rank: #1...

Mastering Azure Analytics

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Mastering Azure Analytics: Architecting in the Cloud with Azure Data Lake, HDInsight, and Spark by Zoiner Tejada Length: 412 pages Edition: 1 Language: English Publisher: O'Reilly Media Publi...

Mastering Microsoft Teams

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Mastering Microsoft Teams: End User Guide to Practical Usage, Collaboration, and Governance by Matthew J. Bailey, Melissa Hubbard Length: 146 pages Edition: 1st ed. Language: English Publisher: ...

MacBook For Dummies, 7th Edition

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[caption id="attachment_2415" align="alignnone" width="701"] MacBook For Dummies, 7th Edition[/caption] MacBook For Dummies, 7th Edition by Mark L. Chambers Length: 456 pages Edition: 4 Lang...