31 Days Before Your CCNA Routing & Switching Exam

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31 Days Before Your CCNA Routing & Switching Exam Front Cover

31 Days Before Your CCNA Routing & Switching Exam

by Allan Johnson
  • Length: 544 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher: Cisco Press
  • Publication Date: 2017-04-09
  • ISBN-10: 1587205904
  • ISBN-13: 9781587205903
  • Sales Rank: #158114 (See Top 100 Books)

31 Days Before Your CCNA Routing & Switching Exam: A Day-By-Day Review Guide for the ICND1/CCENT (100-105), ICND2 (200-105), and CCNA (200-125) Certification Exams

31 Days Before Your CCNA Routing & Switching Exam  offers a friendly, practical way to understand the CCNA Routing & Switching certification process, commit to taking the ICND1 (100-105) and ICND2 (200-105) exams or the CCNA (200-125) exam, and finish your preparation using a variety of Primary and Supplemental study resources.

These fully updated CCNA exams test knowledge and skills needed to successfully deploy LAN switching, IPv4 and IPv6 routing, WANs, and infrastructure services; and to secure and manage modern network infrastructure.

Sign up for your exam(s) and use this book’s day-by-day guide and checklist to organize, prepare, and review. Each day in this guide breaks down an exam topic into a manageable bit of information to review using short summaries. Daily Study Resources sections provide quick references for locating more in-depth treatment within Primary and Supplemental resources.

This book’s features help you fit exam preparation into a busy schedule:

  • Visual tear-card calendar summarizing each day’s study topic
  • Checklist providing advice on preparation activities leading up to the exam
  • Descriptions of ICND1 (100-105), ICND2 (200-105), and CCNA (200-125) exam organization and sign-up processes
  • Strategies to prepare mentally, organizationally, and physically for exam day
  • Conversational tone to make study more enjoyable

Table of Contents

Day 31: Networking Models, Devices, and Components
Day 30: Ethernet Switching
Day 29: Switch Configuration Basics
Day 28: VLAN and Trunking Concepts and Configurations
Day 27: IPv4 Addressing
Day 26: IPv6 Addressing
Day 25: Basic Routing Concepts
Day 24: Basic Router Configuration
Day 23: Static and Default Route Configuration
Day 22: RIPv2 Implementation
Day 21: VTP and Inter-VLAN Routing Configuration
Day 20: OSPF Operation
Day 19: Single-Area OSPF Implementation
Day 18: Multiarea OSPF Implementation
Day 17: Fine-Tuning and Troubleshooting OSPF
Day 16: EIGRP Operation
Day 15: EIGRP Implementation
Day 14: Fine-Tuning and Troubleshooting EIGRP
Day 13: CDP and LLDP
Day 12: LAN Security and Device Hardening
Day 11: STP
Day 10: EtherChannel and HSRP
Day 9: ACL Concepts
Day 8: ACL Implementation
Day 7: DHCP and DNS
Day 6: NAT
Day 5: WAN Overview
Day 4: WAN Implementation
Day 3: QoS, Cloud, and SDN
Day 2: Device Monitoring, Management, and Maintenance
Day 1: Troubleshooting Methodologies and Tools

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