Android Continuous Integration

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Book Description:

Master continuous integration, deployment and automated testing for Android apps. You’ll see how to set up and tear down sandbox environments to test the end-user experience, where you’ll learn how to manage a mobile device in addition to the build machine. Android Continuous Integration applies a real-world CI pattern that has been thoroughly tested and implemented.
This book starts with continuous integration concepts and the tools and code needed to become proficient in continuous integration for Android apps. You’ll also follow acceptance test driven development (ATDD) best practice, giving you all the skills you need to become a better, more effective developer. Finally, you’ll learn about the Appium mobile automation library and the Jenkins continuous integration tool.
What You Will Learn
  • Understand how to build an Android mobile app from source
  • Set up a development or debuggi

ng environment for mobile apps

  • Integrate with the Nexus dependency management and application release tool
  • Work with the SonarQube code quality analyzer
  • Use debugging tools in Android
Who This Book Is For
Product owners/business analysts, QA/test engineers, developers and build/deploy engineers.

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