Beginning R 4: From Beginner to Pro

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Beginning R 4: From Beginner to Pro

Beginning R 4: From Beginner to Pro

Learn how to use R 4, write and save R scripts, read in and write out data files, use built-in functions, and understand common statistical methods. This in-depth tutorial includes key R 4 features including a new color palette for charts, an enhanced reference counting system (useful for big data), and new data import settings for text (as well as the statistical methods to model text-based, categorical data).

Each chapter starts with a list of learning outcomes and concludes with a summary of any R functions introduced in that chapter, along with exercises to test your new knowledge. The text opens with a hands-on installation of R and CRAN packages for both Windows and macOS. The bulk of the book is an introduction to statistical methods (non-proof-based, applied statistics) that relies heavily on R (and R visualizations) to understand, motivate, and conduct statistical tests and modeling.

Beginning R 4 shows the use of R in specific cases such as ANOVA analysis, multiple and moderated regression, data visualization, hypothesis testing, and more. It takes a hands-on, example-based approach incorporating best practices with clear explanations of the statistics being done.

You will:

  • Acquire and install R and RStudio
  • Import and export data from multiple file formats
  • Analyze data and generate graphics (including confidence intervals)
  • Interactively conduct hypothesis testing
  • Code multiple and moderated regression solutions

Who This Book Is For

Programmers and data analysts who are new to R.  Some prior experience in programming is recommended.

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