Customizing Dynamics 365

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Book Description:

Gain an understanding of basic and advanced customizations in Dynamics 365 and learn how they can be effectively used to implement simple business requirements. This is a practical book for developers that explains the use of various Dynamics 365 features as well as use of advanced concepts such as Azure integration and custom development.
Customizing Dynamics 365 starts by explaining the business requirements of the example application, which will explain the platform features, and discussing why Dynamics 365 is the ideal platform for the solution. Next, you will set up your development environment and use the different customizations of the platform to implement the basic business requirements of the example application. Further, you will automate the business process and create advanced customizations with plugins and custom workflow activities. Towards the end you will learn more about Azure integration, reports and dashboards, portal development, and data migration techniques, which will help you select the best option for a particular scenario.
After reading this book you will be able to develop solutions with Dynamic 365 by understanding the various features and customizations of the platform.
What You Will Learn
  • Choose the right customizations and configurations to meet end-user requirements
  • Use Azure features with Dynamics 365 to implement complex business scenarios
  • Understand the importance of using source control for Dynamics 365 customizations
  • Discover new trends with Dynamics 365 mobility
Who This Book Is For
Dynamics 365 developers, consultants, and architects.

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