Discussions in User Experience

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Book Description:

Understand the work of a modern UX professional and why UX is necessary for your business. Collated through years of online talks and work experience, this short collection of paraphrased discussions reveals the underlying psychology and philosophy of user experience decision making. Go beyond the rules to understand why the rules are there.

Designed for anyone in business whose work is touching on UX – from developers to hiring managers – the topics in this book supersede the current thinking established in the IT world and touches on topics not often considered in UX education or in the workplace. Each discussion provides a launchpad for your own thinking and understanding.

Written by an author with over 20 years’ experience in the field of UX, this book will show you how UX is not just about users, it’s about user welfare.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the psychology and philosophy of UX and why it is important
  • Examine the underlying reasons behind many concepts, methods and tools
  • Ensure the entire business offers a better experience to their users.

Who this Book Is For

Anyone who wants to make a career of UX design and/or architecture, including management.

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