Electron From Beginner to Pro

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Book Description:

Discover how to take your existing web development skills and learn how to create desktop applications for macOS, Windows, and Linux, using GitHub’s Electron. Learn how to combine the power of Node.js and Chromium to provide a powerful development platform for creating web applications that break free from the browser.

Electron: From Beginner to Pro guides you through the capabilities that you have available to create desktop applications. Learn to use features like file system access, create native menus, OS-specific dialogs and more. The authors will show you how to package your application for distribution for multiple platforms and enable auto-updating.

What You Will Learn
  • Leverage your knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Use current web applications for the desktop
  • Create and use Electron’s main process and render process to create effective desktop applications
  • Communicate between processes and between windows
  • Build desktop applications that can be updated and distributed

Who This Book Is For

Web developers looking to leverage their HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills to create desktop widgets and applications.

Developers wanting to leverage existing a Web application to extend functionality with a desktop application.

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