Études for ClojureScript

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Book Description:

A short composition that provides practice material for a particular musical skill is called an йtude. In this hands-on book, you’ll find more than 30 йtudes to help you practice ClojureScript skills for specific programming areas, ranging from functions and variables to asynchronous processing. Each of these small projects includes a description of a program that you will compose (write) in ClojureScript.

Though not as difficult as their musical counterparts, these programming йtudes will help you stretch beyond the material and examples that you find in most ClojureScript books or online references. One chapter features йtudes for an open-ended project that will help you put together what you’ve learned. Solutions to each йtude are revealed in the appendix.

Programming areas include:

  • Working with functions and variables with def and let
  • Interacting with JavaScript and web pages, using several libraries
  • Lists, vectors, and higher-order map, filter, and reduce functions
  • Data mapping with ClojureScript
  • Using different ClojureScript libraries to program with React
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing rational and complex numbers with defprotocol and defrecord
  • Asynchronous processing with core.async

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