Hands-On Functional Test Automation

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Book Description:

Get started with functional testing of both web apps and Windows apps using different test frameworks. This book will take you on a deep dive into integrating functional automation testing with deployment pipelines.

Hands-On Functional Test Automation contains step-by-step lessons that will give you an understanding of how to do functional test automation using Selenium with C# and Python. Also, you will learn how to enhance your test automation development with third-party frameworks. You will configure test clients, run functional tests through Azure DevOps release management, and carry out performance and load-testing to gain a good understanding of how to do cloud-based load testing.

Each lesson comprises an introduction to the related concepts to help you understand how things work. This will broaden your knowledge so you can implement test automation in the correct way. At the end of each lesson alternative options and other enhancement possibilities are discussed to allow you to do further exploration.

You will:

·         Implement functional test automation of Windows and web applications

·         Use Visual Studio for load and performance testing

·         Configure and run cloud-based load testing

·         Integrate testing with deployment pipelines

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