Software Engineering from Scratch

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Book Description:

Learn software engineering from scratch, from installing and setting up your development environment, to navigating a terminal and building a model command line operating system, all using the Scala programming language as a medium. The demand for software engineers is growing exponentially, and with this book you can start your journey into this rewarding industry, even with no prior programming experience.

Using Scala, a language known to contain “everything and the kitchen sink,” you’ll begin coding on a gentle learning curve by applying the basics of programming such as expressions, control flow, functions, and classes. You’ll then move on to an overview of all the major programming paradigms. You’ll finish by studying software engineering concepts such as testing and scalability, data structures, algorithm design and analysis, and basic design patterns.

With Software Engineering from Scratch as your navigator, you can get up to speed on the software engineering industry, develop a solid foundation of many of its core concepts, and develop an understanding of where to invest your time next.

What You Will Learn

  • Use Scala, even with no prior knowledge
  • Demonstrate general Scala programming concepts and patterns
  • Begin thinking like a software engineer
  • Work on every level of the software development cycle

Who This Book Is For

Anyone who wants to learn about software engineering; no prior programming experience required.

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