Superlubricity, 2nd Edition

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Superlubricity, 2nd Edition

Superlubricity, 2nd Edition

Superlubricity – the state between sliding systems where friction is reduced to almost immeasurable amounts – holds great potential for improving both the economic and environmental credentials of moving mechanical systems. Research in this field has progressed tremendously in recent years, and there now exist several theoretical models, recognised techniques for computational simulations and interesting experimental evidence of superlubricity in practise.

Superlubricity, Second Edition, presents an extensively revised and updated overview of these important developments, providing a comprehensive guide to the physical chemistry underpinning molecular mechanisms of friction and lubrication, current theoretical models used to explore and assess superlubricity, examples of its achievement in experimental systems, and discussion of potential future applications.

Drawing on the extensive knowledge of its expert editors and global team of authors from across academia and industry, Superlubricity, Second Edition, is a great resource for all those with a need to understand, model or manipulate surface interactions for improved performance.

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